Skola Alphabets Letter


Brand – Skola
Type – Sandpaper Letters Lower Case
Age – 2 to 4 Years
Size of tray with cards – 16.5 cm x 12 cm x 11 cm
Card Material – Wooden

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  • Set of 26 wooden boards painted red for consonants, blue for vowels pasted with sandpaper cut outs of the English Lower case alphabet. All alphabets are placed on a wooden tray for easy handling
  • Used as a pre-writing activity where the impressions of the shape of the alphabet is stuck to the mind as the child runs its fingers on the sandpaper
  • Enables the child to learn the phonetic sounds and association of the sound of the alphabet to its shape

Items included in the Package:
Set includes 26 wooden cards with sandpaper letters pasted on them, red cards for consonants & blue for vowels, a wooden tray for stacking the cards